About Us



Open Oven Pizzeria may seem like your typical pizza restaurant from the store front, but behind warm toasty doors, a world of choose-your-own toppings and specialty beverages come to life. Open Oven encourages creativity with their staff and wants to inspire their guests to do the same. As a fresh alternative to traditional pizza restaurants, Open Oven allows guests to choose from a wide variety of fresh toppings which they may customize to their hearts desire. From sauces and crusts to dessert toppings, the possibilities are endless. All pizzas are made-to order and ready to enjoy within 5 minutes, making this a great option for those who are always on-the-go but crave something warm, fresh, and delicious.

While Open Oven is famous for their custom bake pizzas, they also feature an eclectic variety of product offerings such as salads, dessert pizzas, and specialty beverages to help satiate any taste bud. For those indecisive individuals, signature pizzas ranging from BBQ chicken to breakfast style bacon and eggs are also on the menu. Additionally, they are proud to offer health conscious alternatives for friends with selective diets and allergies, such as gluten-free crust and tasty vegan selections. Open Oven aspires to be place where meat lovers and vegans can both rejoice.

Open Oven was born out of a passion to make people feel warm – the end result is a restaurant filled with friends and family enjoying their culinary creations made with love.

Open Oven currently has one location in Westwood Village of Los Angeles, California with the next location set to launch in mid 2015. With the growing success of the first location, opportunities for franchising will be available in the very near future.